First Look at Adobe DreamWeaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is an easy and flexible way to create, manage, and help set up a fully functioning website. I downloaded the 7 day trial and started going through the program, without any tutorials to get a first view experience. My first thoughts were,” Wow!”. Dreamweaver looks great and easy to use. Right away I noticed how you can switch between code, how it looks on a website, or show both at the same time. After exploring, I went to the support page for Dreamweaver, to look at the tutorials offered.  They offer to sets of tutorials, beginner and experienced.

Beginner tutorials

The beginner tutorials are pretty much just an overview of the basic functions of the program. Also has a video that you work along with to learn structure of HTML. Has a file you can download to work along with it.

Experienced tutorials

The experienced tutorials are much more into some of the grit of Dreamweaver. These tutorials show you shortcuts and take you step-by-step with practicing CSS coding and more of what you can really do with Dreamweaver.


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