Mobile Web Development

I came across an article published by Mozilla, that talks about the main techniques used for mobile web development.

The first technique is working with small screens. This means having a responsive web design, like the size and orientation of the screen. To achieve responsive web design people work in fluid css layouts. This makes the page change to match the size of the  screen it is being used on. Also the use of css rules that have the screens dimensions.

The next technique is working with touch screens. To use touch screens that involves work with DOM Touch Events.  It says you cannot use the css :hover and will need to design items that can’t be clicked like buttons, to compensate for fingers being the pointer.

Another technique is optimizing  images. This is done by having images load to match the device screen and resolution. By doing so, will help user who are low on bandwidth or who cannot afford more.

Last is Mobile APIs. This means having like geolocation or knowing what way they phone is orientated, like portrait or landscape.


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