Experience with Wix

As seen in my last post, Wix, is a great site. It has so many features that most people want and lets you add them without having to do the code. I could use this site for a few things. I made one site and plan on to make at least one more. The site i made with came out great. I have showed multiple people and all said i did a great job. I also walked away proud that I did a great job. It does not take long to get accustomed to using all the features. I had no problems with the site except on two occasions. The first mistake was when it would not let me click any buttons to mess with the design of the elements I added to the site. I solved the problem by just saving and exiting. The second problem was adding text to a pictures. To solve it i just exited the picture and went back in. No huge problems that i could not get around. I used a template because it went perfectly with what i wanted to, including colors. I added multiple elements and all work so nice and look great. I know the site does not allow going into the code and editing things myself, but for this time I did not need to, due to site being able to due a good amount of what i wanted to do.

After making a complete web site, with Wix, I see how great of a web site creator Wix is. I would definitely would use again. Great setup and very easy to use. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars or 8/10. Would be perfect if i was able to go into the code and edit it myself.


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