What is Wix?

I logged on to Wix.com, with the idea that this site is not going to let me go deep enough into making a web site…..I was wrong.

Wix, is a simple and easy to use web site creator, while letting the user go a little in-depth of being able to do what the creator wants to do. It is not just a drag and drop. It allows you to add multiple features like carousels, shops, and even blogs. Also with everything you add to the site, it allows to edit and mess with to the users liking. The site comes with completed web site templates that let you start from there and change the information and add/delete stuff to how, the user sees fit. As well as letting people start from scratch and make the site they want, how they want. The user also has a way to make the device ready for mobile devices right off the back, and see how it shows up in both desktop and mobile version. Wix, is also a free to use site! This site has upgradable features but there is nothing about the free version that actually limits the user.

However, Wix, does not let you go to far into what a web site can do. Yes, it allows to add multiple features to the site, but does have a limit. Everything has to be done on the site itself. No way to go into the code and add something off site. You are able to add certain design, but only from what the site already has up there.

Overall, the site is easy to use and has a lot of great features and ways to make a web site unique. Even though you cannot change the code yourself, it is one of the best web site creator sites I have seen.


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