Is Web Publishing killing Print Publications?

YES. That was easy! Next question?

That is seriously the only thing needed to say. There is no way to argue this. There is not a need for printed publications anymore. Everything is digital and fast, so you can stay up-to-date on the go and never fall behind on what is new. You can get almost if not all books on a Kindle or Nook. All music downloaded instantly. No need to read magazines the whole magazine is online and sometimes free. I am surprised that the newspaper companies are still around. I personally have not read a paper since i was like 4 years old and was only doing it because of the comics and looked fun. Print is out of date and in a couple of years will be taught and treated like dial-up telephones. A bunch of kids see one in a museum and asks their parents, “what is that?” Web publishing choked out print publications and spit on its grave. It just does not fit into are lives anymore. We are people who information fast and on the move, no more time to sit around and wait for updates.


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