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What is an RSS Feed?

There is no need for a fancy definition. A RSS feed is just a way for whomever wants to get regular updates when, someone changes something to their website, or a new blog, or Facebook post. Anything that they want

The Code

i got this from w3schools as a example. It shows that you create an XML file and then create a channel with the tag. Thenwith what you want at the title as. Then so it goes to where you want people to see. Then , just a brief description of it nothing fancy. Just start each item with an item tag and close with one then close the channel tag. Boom! you have an RSS Feed.

W3Schools Home Page Free web building tutorials

RSS Tutorial New RSS tutorial on W3Schools

XML Tutorial New XML tutorial on W3Schools

What to do with the code?

After you have to code you simply just make an link and its a button that people click on and gives people the url to put into their browser or rss reader.


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