Web Developer Add-on



I went and installed some add-ons from the google play store to help with needed things. the one i found the best is the web developer extension. It is great and does everything.

It has 11 different categories: Disable, Cookies, CSS, Forms, Images, Information, Misc, Outline, Resize, Tools, and Options

First options, it is pretty basic just lets you reset the page and learn about the add-on.

Tools is very helpful. It lets you validate anything that you used on the page. From CSS to a RSS Feed.

Resize is pretty basic just resizes the window.

Outline shows the outline of everything to find things easier. Will show where the tables are, headings, floated items, etc.

Misc does random things like color picker and shows rulers.

Information is to look at everything from java script that is running on the page to all element information

Images deals with everything needed to use images on the page.

Forms deals with anything form related. It will convert a get to a post. It will convert text inputs to text areas. will clear forms, check all boxes, uncheck, anything you need.

CSS does everything with CSS. will let you edit right from there. and even disable if needed.

Cookies does nothing I needed, but it does disable cookies or runs them and will delete them.

Lastly, disable simply disables what ever you need disabled. from java script to pop-ups.


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